Support for Microsoft's "End of Life" Products

Ruggiero AV Services Support for Microsoft End Of Life Products

updated on January 11, 2019


By the end of 2019, Ruggiero AV Services will migrate all Windows hosting and VPS instances to Windows Server 2016 or later (unless Windows 10 is requested for a specific project.).  Any customer ordering a new Virtual Desktop or Server from us will be given the option of Server 2012 R2, Server 2016, or later, with preference on the latter.  Some pre-configured VPS packages services still list Server 2008; a customer selecting this will receive the corresponding complimentary upgrade.

Note that as of late 2018, Windows Server no longer uses a year-as-version distinction, but follows the versioning of Windows 10; ie: version 1709 or version 1803 or later.  This change reverts back with Windows Server 2019.

As of January 2019, we support Microsoft Windows 7 on an as-needed basis, and in accordance with Microsoft's lifecycle guidelines.  Consumer operating System support will primarily be limited to Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. The following information remains available for those using legacy software, with the understanding that users may be at some considerable risk if such systems are connected to the public Internet.  

  • Although there are no planned future updates for these products, current updates will be archived and will remain available as self-help options for existing installations of EOL products.
  • If Windows XP and Server 2003 R2 - as well as Office 2003 - need to activate with Microsoft past the EOL cutoff, they will be able to do so ONLINE ONLY, using the mechanisms built into the products.  Phone activation will no longer be available.  
  • We will encourage and assist users of capable systems to upgrade to the latest generation operating system.  For home users, that means Windows 10 Home or Pro whenever possible.  If there is a legacy application that absolutely NEEDS to run on an older operating system, we can assist in setting the application up to run in a virtual machine.
  • We will continue to support remote sessions on Windows XP and Server 2003 or other legacy operating systems, as long as said operating system is supported by the remote tool, such as Teamviewer.
  • In light of newer vulnerabilities continually found in Internet Explorer 8, we recommend users still using Windows XP or Server 2003 to switch to an alternate browser such as MOZILLA FIREFOX or GOOGLE CHROME., though Chrome is not being updated either under Windows XP.  Further, and as general practice, you should not be casually "web surfing" on a server system, in our opinion.
  • As Microsoft Security Essentials has stopped working on Windows XP, we also recommend users change their anti-virus to another free variant, such as COMODO'S FREE ANTIVIRUS or AVAST! FREE ANTIVIRUS


Will Microsoft Stop "Authenticating" Windows XP? (Courtesy of TWIT.TV/The Tech Guy, Leo Laporte)