Email Changes Coming March 2019

Changes Coming to Ruggiero AV Mail


Our primary mail server is currently hosted at an OVH SAS datacenter in Beauharnois, Quebec, Canada, which has great transit and stability to the USA.     We also have an established relationship with Yandex in Russia.  If you are looking to host in this location, or have specific requirements for archiving mail or privacy, please contact us.  Meanwhile the following service change will take effect by March 1, 2019 for those not transitioned to Yandex or another service.

Leveraging the Power of Software As a Service

Our e-mail services will now be hosted via a public SAS provider called MXRoute, using a custom solution that provides protection against and blocks the sending of spam, phishing and other abusive email.

To combat outgoing spam, MXRoute will now relay all of our customers' mail.  Outbound mail filtering involves scanning email traffic as it exits the network, identifying compromised accounts, and reducing the risk of having IP addresses blocked by receiving networks.  This results in better delivery rates and e-mail reputation improvements for all.

What does this mean for me?

  • Your incoming and outgoing server names will change.
  • Your connection will be switched to a secure protocol and different port, although you can still use the non-secure variants.
  • Your e-mail password will be reset to something random, but can be changed to a new secure password once you are set up.
  • Outgoing mail will be rate-limited at 100 emails to a single recipient in 1 hour and/or 300 outbound emails from 1 sender in 1 hour
  • The changeover will involve creating a new EMPTY mailbox first and confirming delivery, THEN importing older messages from the previous server.
  • ALL of this will happen by MARCH 1, 2019, but if you want to change over sooner, we can arrange for the migration to occur before that date. 

How can I arrange for an e-mail migration?

Simply fill out the form below, and submit.  You will be contacted within 12 hours regarding the migration date and process.  We can confirm that the migration will be seamless and relatively fast, based on some accounts we have already tested.