Ruggiero A/V Services Equipment Repair Contract

Effective January, 2013


I    SUMMARY: Customer [YOU] has [have] elected to submit a computer system [SYSTEM] to RUGGIERO AV SERVICES [US, WE, or OUR].  This contract indicates the terms and conditions under which the SYSTEM will be diagnosed and repaired, if needed.  By signing below, you agree to these terms.


II   DIAGNOSTICS: Upon submission of the SYSTEM to us, you agree to pay a diagnostic fee of $45.00.  This fee is NON-REFUNDABLE, and covers minimal maintenance tasks performed outside the scope of the actual symptoms and/or specific problems experienced with the SYSTEM.  The specific tasks performed will be explained to you at the time the SYSTEM is left in our care.

III IMMEDIATE REPAIR: Unless an indication is made on the signed contract that we may immediately perform any necessary repairs on the SYSTEM [sight-unseen], the initial diagnostic will first take place. If a sight-unseen repair is to take place, you agree for us to perform the repairs at the current labor rate of $100 per hour. If it is determined that repairs cannot be made to the SYSTEM in its current condition, the terms under Section IV will take immediate precedence.

IV COST AND TIME-TO-COMPLETION: Following the initial diagnostic, you will be contacted either by telephone or electronic mail. The price of all repairs will be disclosed at this time, based on the current labor rate of $100.00 per hour, plus the cost of any parts. If you elect for repairs to be made, we will give you an estimated time to completion. You will be contacted within that time once repairs are made. If you elect to have us NOT perform the repairs, the SYSTEM will be returned to you "as is."

V LATE FEES: Payment for all invoiced services is due the day services are rendered.  In the case of an emergency on-site visit, payment is due within 15 working days of service date, unless previous verbal arrangements have been made.  Customers will be notified by phone and/or e-mail of any payment past due. A $40 late fee will apply for every 15 days that invoices remain unpaid.

: Onsite repairs refer to troubleshooting and fixes made while a SYSTEM is in its native environment, as opposed to being repaired at Ruggiero AV Services' facilities. For an onsite visit involving basic hardware or software repair, you will pay a $45.00 per hour labor rate.  If the onsite visit is performed remotely, the fee is a flat $45.00 per session.  If parts needs to be ordered or additional work is to be done beyond the scope of an onsite repair, then the terms in sections III and IV will take precedence.

p I agree to “sight-unseen” repair  p Diagnostic Fee collected

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